Example 1: whistle s9_1s code explained

s9_1s is the name (aka. "text" near the bottom of the code in the post below) for the whistle and is what is typed by the human user to emit that whistle and what is displayed in the Message window when a dolphin emits a similar whistle (a whistle that matches this one).

hz10ps means that the frequency (hz) sampling rate is 10 per second (ps). If the program uses a frequency sampling rate of 40 samples per second instead of 10 samples per second, then the program will internally convert the whistle to that rate (40 per second) by calculating the intermediate frequency values automatically.

length="10" means that there are 10 values in the array or list (each value is a frequency value in Hz or cycle per second) and because the frequency sampling rate is 10 per second (hz10ps) then this means that the whistle will last 1 second when emitted, and that it will match an acquired signal of that duration at the given frequencies (9 kHz).

index="0" means that the frequency value is at position 0 in the list. The first position in this list is always zero.

<double>9000.0</double> means that the frequency value is 9000.0 cycles per second, or 9000.0 Hz or 9.0 kHz.

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